I was born in East Coast Canada, in a charming little city called Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia.
It is surrounded by water and has a certain Maritime charm that is welcoming and serene and quite unique to the Atlantic provinces..
Both of my parents are from Lebanon.
I spent my childhood between both countries.

At the age of three I started to dance.
Dance has always been my passion....
Dancing was how I talked, how I expressed myself.. a language without words..
At the age of 13 I became a professional dancer.
At the same time I was scouted by an international model agency and started a modeling career.
However acting was more my interest along with dancing.
I started acting and dancing in films and theater around the world.. Continually studying and learning developing my techniques and broadening my imagination.
To create is to dream without limitation..
To dance is to express without fear...
To act is to understand and empathize with another character, hence growing deeper as a person each time...
I was fortunate to travel the world with my craft and learn from brilliant artists..
to share stages with them, so exhilarating and humbling ..
“The moment of completion” I had thought... every moment on stage... or at the end of a production when all comes together...the end of a dance....
And we exhale...
But then.. a new dream was born... one I never knew I had...     
My daughter.
With this new and more profound dream I stepped off the stage and away from the camera and decided to learn from a different perspective, one that allowed me to be a present mom but still touch the world I felt most connected to..
I became a producer.
I was honored with incredible projects with company’s I held in high regard.
To create from the other side gave me a deeper more Intricate perspective and vision of all parts and details of the stage... the story... the canvas...
every moment an experience in a never ending journey taking me forward expanding my knowledge, deepening my humility and extending my respect to all before me from whom I learn everyday...
In 2016 I began a new journey.. one that utilized health and fitness as a platform to reach out to people.. people...another of my passions.. people of all ages, gender and culture.. to inspire, to empower, to connect in a world where so many feel lost, stuck and alone..
Growing up speaking several languages gave me the ability to communicate with people of different cultures.. traveling..seeing the world through the eyes of others... teaching me to recognize our similarities while celebrating our differences, creating peace in moments where peace can exist.
Placing first in my first regional body competition, my body became my new art form.. sculpting, training , connecting mind, body and soul... challenging myself and changing my idea of my limitations every single day.
To keep moving forward.. to never give up on ourselves, to never give up on humanity..to have conviction in what we believe in.. and to never turn our backs on those who need us...to have passion and appreciation in what we do and to never stop dreaming..
nor stop choosing to dream..
To find the possibility in a situation that seems impossible..
And to know we are capable
We are valuable
And we are here for a reason.
Each and every one of us..
We choose who we are.
So I choose to always do my best
And to make sure that my standards are continually rising...
Not only as a professional but as a human being...
I am Mariza






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